Discover Monochromatic Garden-Design.

Does your garden resemble a jar of jumbled jelly beans — wildly colorful but with no real sense of cohesive design? Try toning things down with a monochromatic color scheme. Select just one color but use a variety of tints, shades and hues — for example, pale blue, rich cobalt and blue-purple. Far from being boring, this type of restraint allows the focus to be on the juxtaposition of textures and shapes. Foliageflowers or a combination of both can be used to create a magical effect that will have you reaching for your camera rather than your sunglasses.

You don’t need to commit to an entire garden in a single palette, such as the famous White Garden at Sissinghurst in Kent, England. Design a unique border or just a container to explore the possibilities. Or separate high-color-contrast plantings in the garden with a monochromatic vignette to give the eye a soothing place to rest.

Design for year-round interest or just one season — you’ll soon be wondering why you ever thought that monochromatic design would limit you.



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